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About us

What is THE alliance for action for lower-wage workers?

The Alliance for Action for Lower-Wage Workers (AfA for LWW) was first launched on 3 March 2021 by Mr Zaqy Mohamad, Senior Minister of State for Manpower, as a new platform for passionate, action-oriented stakeholders to play a part in whole-of-society efforts to uplift the well-being of lower-wage workers in these focus areas:

  • Strengthen respect and appreciation for lower-wage workers from the public

  • Foster supportive working environments for lower-wage workers

  • Increase support for upskilling of lower-wage workers

  • Encourage societal support for progressive wages


Building upon the energy and interest in the first run, the second run of the AFA for LWW commenced in May 2022. There are about 40 members and 9 groups, comprising new and returning members who are keen to improve the well-being of lower-wage workers.

Who is in the Alliance?


The AfA is made up of members comprising civic-minded citizens, youths, union members, businesses and community groups. These members are investing their time and energy in this AfA because they are passionate about uplifting lower-wage workers in our society. They saw the problems in our society and identified what needed to change. They ideated solutions to effect that change, turning ideas into action, and banding together to make it happen.

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