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1st Run
of AFA for lww

Between March 2021 and August 2021, the Alliance was structured as a ground-up ideas accelerator and comprised of 6 monthly creation workshops, coaching meetings, and a network of connections with companies, workers and community groups. Participants also went through the design thinking process of immersing in the challenge areas, ideating, prototyping, testing and iterating to bring their ideas into fruition.

Here is the list of projects:

Strengthen respect and appreciation
Experience Day
essential work.png

A virtual event that aimed to educate children on the work lower-wage workers do and the impact they make. The team successfully ran their virtual pilot in Sep 2021.

Appreciation Campaign

An initiative to build empathy for lower-wage workers among younger students through experiential videos of their work. The team started a social media page (@myeverydayherosg) to provide simple guidance for Singaporeans to take the first step to appreciate essential workers.

FOSTER supportive work environments
Rest Area Guidebook

This project partnered CapitaLand and Frasers to successfully pilot the transformation of under-utilised spaces into suitable and meaningful rest areas for lower-wage workers. The group has documented their experience and suggestions to help building owners and employers replicate their success across the retail sector.

Organisation of Conscience

A ground-up movement to encourage ethical employment practices. This project team had created a pilot website with the aim of providing a one-stop platform for SMEs to gain access to information that enables them to become ethical organisations.

Co-create Rest Area Workshop

A Design Thinking workshop for students to co-create rest areas for cleaners in their school. Following a successful pilot, the team has partnered with a school to run the programme for one cohort of students.

Feedback Channel
feedback channel.png

An initiative to encourage constructive dialogue between lower-wage workers and management through an anonymous survey platform. This team piloted the channel with one of the Town Councils in multiple languages.

Increase support for upskilling
Makan & Shine Programme

A programme for volunteers to learn about the lives and needs of lower-wage workers over meals and offer jobs and skills support and guidance to them. The team successfully ran a few sessions with publicity support from VWOs like Yellow Ribbon Singapore.

Encourage support for progressive wages
Progressive Wage Mark Campaign

A digital campaign to encourage consumers to show solidarity with lower-wage workers by paying more for goods and services and recognising progressive businesses. This team's videos had over 100k reach on social media platforms.

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