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Keen to make a difference for persons with lower-waged jobs?

Join the Alliance for Action, where together with other community builders and experts, you can pilot and scale up programmes and initiatives!


Identify a problem that the community can solve to improve the lives of workers with lower- waged jobs

Form a project team with the right mix of skillsets  


Prototype the solution, test with stakeholders and iterate to something valuable 


Bring the solution to scale and launch it to make a difference

What does the Alliance for Action do?

Throughout the process, you will be supported by ThinkPlace Singapore and Ministry of Manpower. They will facilitate the process and provide you with a platform to cross-pollinate ideas. You will get to engage with experts and past members, work closely with workers with lower-waged jobs and attend coaching sessions.


Register with us if you are keen to find out more about the AfA or ready to be part of the Alliance!

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