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How do i join this next phase?

Every team in the AfA will need a mix of these skills. Where can you contribute?


Problem Owners
You have an issue around lower-wage workers that you would like to solve, and want to work with more minds to solve them

Hero employee _Flatline.png

Business Savvy and Value Creators
You know the ins and outs of the business to ensure that ideas are commercially or financially viable and can scale up effectively

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Analysts and Sense-makers
You are able to distil what was found and discussed, and think critically to help the team make decisions and converge on ideas.

Drivers and Hustlers
You are invested in the problem enough and want to drive momentum in the team, and bring them to achieve positive outcomes together, including being the decision-maker when the team needs it 

Data analytics _Flatline.png

Connectors and Door-openers
You have access to community, business and capability networks and can bring them in at the right moment to add value to the project


Researchers and Investigators
You are great at walking the ground to learn more about lower-wage workers, their employers and their lived realities, and able to test ideas with them

Charmers and Storytellers
You are able to narrate and pitch the story to various stakeholders, to get them interested and involved in the project

Rocket Boy_Flatline.png
Watering Plant_Flatline.png

Creators and Makers
You are able to turn creative ideas and concepts into simple prototypes by using tools or your magic hands

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