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2nd run of
Afa for Lww

The second run of the Alliance kick-started on 21 May 2022 with returning members of the Alliance and new members from different walks of life. Members were immersed in the theory of change map created by the Alliance in 2021 as a starting point to identify potential problems and areas to work on. They have since attended three workshops and individual coaching clinics to develop their ideas into tangible solutions.

At the third workshop, DPM Lawrence Wong and SMS Zaqy were present to hear their project pitches and provide guidance to support the projects. Most groups are currently at the prototyping stage and are looking towards running some pilots with potential partners in 2023.


This AfA is always looking for fresh energy, so if you are keen to join any of these projects or partner with any teams, click here.

Here are the ongoing projects:

Strengthen respect and appreciation
Experience Day

Status Update

The team is in the process of producing a video titled “A Day in the life of a Security Officer” for their pilot events which they are partnering with childcare centres for. They are looking to introduce this curriculum to more childcare centres and other education institutions.

A returning group from the first run, this group conducts events aimed at educating students on the work lower-wage workers do and the impact it creates so as to teach them to respect and appreciate these workers

Alpha Awards

Status Update
The team is creating award metrics for the cleaning industry where employees, hiring organisation and employers can be assessed on ethical practices.

A system to recognise and reward employers who adopt ethical practices in managing their lower-wage workers. The goal is that over time, together with Progressive Wage Mark, companies who score well in this metrics can be highlighted and their success stories can inspire more ethical behaviours.

Organisation of Conscience

Status Update

The team is planning to revamp the microsite to update the contents with relevant reading materials of relevance to organisations that are interested in alternative management styles and best practices for the benefit of their lower-wage workers. Concurrently, the team is developing bite-sized Non-Violent Communication workshops to be piloted in partnership with interested employers.

A returning group from the first run, this ground-up movement encourages ethical employment practices by providing a one-stop platform for SMEs to gain access to enablers to be an ethical organisation.

Health Tracker

Status Update

The team has identified functions that might be most useful for workers to track through the smart watch. They are currently reaching out to partners to work on collaborations to test the usefulness of these functions and the health tracker. They are also exploring alternative products to a smart watch if the conversations and tests prove that smart watches might not be viable.

A proposal to convince employers to provide smart watches to lower-wage workers so as to improve their personal well-being and productivity where possible.

Rest Area Guidebook

Status Update

The team is currently consulting with fellow AfA for LWW members installing rest areas at 2 more locations, while testing out the guidebook to ensure that it is industry agnostic. They are working towards publishing the guidebook.

A returning group from the first run, Rest Areas had successfully set up 3 physical rest areas (2 with Frasers and 1 with CapitaLand). The team had also developed a guidebook to equip building owners and employers with knowledge on how to create rest areas for lower-wage workers in the retail sector.


Status Update
The team is in the process of identifying and reaching out to employers who will be keen to employ the beneficiaries. Concurrently, they will be reaching out to self-help groups and non-profit organizations to get more beneficiaries who are willing to join their talent matching services.

An existing volunteer group that is keen to help single mothers overcome the barriers that are preventing them from seeking long-term employment.

First love --> Level Up

Status Update
The team is creating a curriculum and reviewing existing industry transformation maps to allow the company to see their future value as a means to encourage them to partner with the team in conducting the workshops.

Conduct workshops to raise employer's awareness of upskilling opportunities within the company and the potential for greater business opportunities if the staff, and particularly lower-wage workers, are able to upskill themselves.

Makan & Shine Programme

A programme for volunteers to learn about the lives and needs of lower-wage workers over meals and offer jobs and skills support and guidance to them. The team successfully ran a few sessions with publicity support from VWOs like Yellow Ribbon Singapore.

empower workers to benefit from the progressive wage model
Wage Warriors
MOM- Alliance for Action for Low-Wage Workers-119.jpg

Status Update
Members are at the exploratory stage in establishing what is needed and how to best provide for lower-wage workers. Open to any members keen on solving this issue.

The team aims to create a one-stop information resource for lower-wage workers to access.


"No silver bullet to raising salaries of lower-wage workers: DPM Wong"
The Straits Times, 24 Sep 2022

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